Wingspan rc airplane kit

Elenco wingspan rc airplane kit

  • 4gclicca quielica: 11 * 47click hereil pacchetto include:kit1 x cessna 182 1400mm wingspan epo aereo rc kit pnp1 x cessna 182 1400mm wingspan epo aereo rc kit1 motore 3536 senza spazzola 1 x 30a esc 4 x servo1v/2200mahclicca quiradio: 4-channel, 2specifichemarca: hookllmateriale: epoapertura alare: 1400 mm lunghezza: 10300mm peso in volo: circa 1500 g cg: 60mm (dal bordo anteriore) parte consigliata (non inclusa)servo: 9g x 4clicca quiesc: 30aclicca quimotor: 3536 brushless out runner motor kv:800clicca quibattery: 11


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  • Package included:1x polaris x8plus 660mm wingspan epp rc airplane seaplane trainer kitspecifications:item name: polaris x8plus material: eppwingspan: 660mmlength: 820mmrequired parts (not included):motor: 2212 kv2450 brushless motoresc: 40a, click hereservo: 9g *4pcs, click herepropeller: 6 inchbattery: 3s 11glue is not included4g 6ch, click herenote:kit version doesnt include any electronic device1v 2200mah 25c lipocharger: balance chargerradio system: 2


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  • Il pacchetto include:1x jwrc skyhawk 1025mm wingspan balsa wood rc airplane beginner kitspecifiche:brand name: jwrc item name: skyhawkmateriale: legno di balsawingspan: 1025mmlength: 750mmflying weight: 680gconsiglia parti (non incluso):motore: 2212-2216 1250-1400kvesc: 30a/40 servo: 9g *4pcselica: 9-11 pollici battery: 3s-4s 1300-2200ma liporadio system: 24g 4ch abovecovering film: clicca quinota: solo kit, non inclusi dispositivi elettronici (come motore, esc, servo, elica, trasmettitore, ricevitore, batteria e caricabatterie) o colla


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  • Il pacchetto include: 1x jwrc havilland dh 82 tiger moth 1020mm wingspan balsa wood rc airplane kit4g 4ch sopranote: this is the kit version, the motor,esc,servos,propeller,battery,charger,transmitter,receiver,covering film and glue are not includedspecifiche: brand name: jwrc item name: havilland dh 82 tiger moth materiale: legno di balsa wingspan: 1020mm fuselage length: 810mm flying weight: 500grecommended parts (non incluso):motore: 2212-2216 1250-1400kv esc: 30aservo: 9g *4pcsbattery: 3s-4s 1300-2200mah lipopropeller: 9-11 inchtelecomando: 2


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  • Zohd drift 877mm wingspan fpv glider aio epp rc airplane spare part 30a brushless esc with 5v 2a bec


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  • Dynam focke wulf fw-190 v3 1270mm wingspan epo rc airplane fixed wing warbird pnp with flaps retracts


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  • 4g 2ch epp rc airplane rtf5cmfeatures:- epp material,lightweight and durablenote: glue is not included7v 500mah lipoflying time: about 12-15 minsflying speed: 15km/hpackage size: 40package included:1x hw-34 320mm 2specifications:item name: hw-34material: eppcolor: red, yellow, blue (optional)version: one battery, two batteries, three batteries (optional)wingspan: 320mmlength: 440mmheight: 120mmremote control: 24g 2chremote control range: about 100mairplane battery: 3colorful led lights,you can be a good pilot at nightwith intelligent gyro,can automatically stabilize the flight7v 500mah battery,12-15 mins long flight time


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  • Dancing wings hobby s30 1200mm wingspan balsa wood sopwith camel ww1 british single-seater fighter rc airplane kit / kit


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  • 1 red baron 1020mm balsa wood triplane rc airplane kitla colla non è inclusaspecifiche:brand name: jwrcitem name: fokker dr1 (red baron)materiale: legno di balsawingspan: 1020mmfuselage length: 800mmflying weight: 760grecommended parts (non incluso):motore: 2216-2814 1250kv-1400kvesc: 40aservo: 9g *4pcselica: 9-11 pollicibattery: 3s-4s 1300-2200mah liporadio system: 24g 4ch abovenota:questa è la versione kit, tutti i dispositivi elettronici (come motore, esc, servo, batteria, elica, trasmettitore, ricevitore e caricabatterie) non sono inclusithe hood is transparent and needs to be painted by yourselfil pacchetto include:1x jwrc fokker dr


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  • 359 albatross 2600mm apertura alare epo rc airplane spare parts kit ala principale359 albatross 2600mm apertura alare epo rc airplane spare parts il pacchetto include:1 x 468359 nome dellelemento: kit ala principalemateriale: epoutilizzare come 468descrizione:marca: 468


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  • Volantex rc 768-1 mustang p-51d rc airplane pezzo di ricambio asta di spinta con clip u cleivesdescrizione:marchio: volantex rcmodello: 768-1 mustang p-51darticolo: asta di spinta + u cleives clipsadatto per volantex rc 768-1 mustang p-51d rc airplaneil pacchetto include:1x volantex rc 768-1 mustang p-51d rc airplane pezzo di ricambio asta di spinta + clip u cleives


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