Minimumrc landing gear set

Elenco minimumrc landing gear set

  • Note:package only the landing gearnot included the drone!package included:1 x landing gearfoldable landing gear, portable storage, easy travelsunnylife foldable extended heightening spider landing gear legs protector support for dji mini 3 pro rc drone quadcopterspecification:brand name: sunnylifeitem name: landing gearitem nogreatly increases the distance between the fuselage and the ground, effectively preventing ground debris from damaging or soiling the fuselage and sensors during take-off and landingthe effective height is about 30mmsoft silicone straps, anti-drop mushroom head locks, tightly bundled and upgraded for protectionmm3-lg399material: abs+silica gelcolor: grey, orange (optional)increase: about 30mmnet weight: 19it does not affect the replacement of the battery, which is convenient and quick5gpackage weight: 35gpackage size: 109 x 99 x 30mmusage: for dji mini 3 pro rc dronefeatures:- non-destructive and quick installation, one-button closure, and will not scratch the drone


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  • Startrc expansion foldable landing gear skid leg support protector per dji mavic mini 2 dronespecifica:marchio: startrcnome oggetto: carrello di atterraggiomateriale: abscolore: grigioaltezza: 15 mmdimensioni: 127x75mmpeso netto: 10 gpeso del pacchetto: 19 gutilizzo: per dji mini 2 dronenota:imballa solo il carrello di atterraggionon incluso il drone e altri accessori!il pacchetto include:1 x carrello di atterraggio


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  • Extended landing gear skid heightened leg protector feet with camera frame holder for mjx b12 rc drone quadcopter


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  • Extended heighten foldable tripod landing gear for zll sg906 max/max1/max2/pro 2 rc drone quadcopter


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  • Startrc extended landing gear floating foam skid on water buoyancy damping training kit with camera mount holder for dji


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  • Pgytech accessories combo extension landing gear parking apron pad propeller fixer pad holder uv filter for dji mavic ai


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  • Hskrc 3d printing tpu landing gear 75*30*16mm support handing battery w/ battery strap for fpv racing rc drone


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  • 7 pcs roller skating protective gear set knee wrist guard elbow pads bicycle skateboard ice skating roller knee protecto


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  • Il pacchetto include:1x landing gearspecifiche:nome dellarticolo: carrello di atterraggiomateriale: fibra di carboniocolore: blackversione(opzionale): 90e: 300#90e-80-m8, peso 215g26cc: 300#26cc-80-m8, peso 230g50cc: 300#50cc-100-m8, peso 435g70cc: 300#70cc-100-m8, peso 340g90cc: 300#90cc-100-m8, peso 370gnote: the landing gear needs to be punched by yourself


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  • Set di pezzi di ricambio 3 pezzi di ricambio c17 c-17 transport 373mm rc airplane descrizione:nome dellarticolo: set di carrello di atterraggioapplicazione: parti di ricambio per c-17 trasporto aereo rc 373mmil pacchetto include:3x landing gear


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